Collaboration and sharing

Which city is the most „smart“ in our country? When will we reach the quality of intelligent cities‘ life in the Western Europe? These were the most frequent questions in the media after the 4th International Conference „Slovakia on the Road to Smart Cities“, which took place on 1st February 2018 in Bratislava.

The answer is not so complicated and we all know it. Cities have different priorities, different historical backgrounds, and specific conditions; there is no universal smart city model. Creating Smart Cities is not a competition, so it makes no sense to look for who was first and who is the „smartest“…

Cities are moving ahead with the private sector, science and research institutions, academia, experienced foreign partners… Mutual sharing of effective solutions for other areas in terms of city or regional priorities will eventually lead to Smart Governance – Smart Governance the expression of effective and transparent racking of the city with public resources. This is transparency, real, under public control.

Many cities today start with Smart Cities. They try to gain foreign experience. Ministries also come with the support – it is important to be able to overcome the sectoral approach to this topic.

Smart cities is a typical initiative coming from the bottom. It is a typical collaboration and sharing. Instead of thinking about how to “get money from” the new topic, it is important for all actors today to take part in creating Smart Communities. People, citizens as well as visitors, today know that smart cities bring higher quality of life. Examples from abroad prove it.

Vladimír Jurík, founder of Smart Cities klub