Danish Smart City Insights and Slovak Smart Cities Club have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

Danish Smart City Insights and Slovak Smart Cities Klub have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The cooperation was initiated by attending a seminar and workshop “Building Smart Cities” in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2017. The event was organized by the Slovak Embassy in Denmark. Subsequent regular communications and consultations on Smart Cities development and the latest trends in data-driven urban development between the representatives of both organizations resulted in the signature of a joint memorandum.

„Memorandum between our two organisations represents a great opportunity for cooperation and knowledge sharing between Slovakian stakeholders and experts from abroad. There are already many existing examples of Smart City projects around the world, however there are only few insights about how to scale such projects and how to implement them in practice.“ says Peter Bjørn Larsen, founder and CEO of Smart City Insights.

„We believe, that Smart City Insights will be a valuable partner, which holds expertise, gained by many years of working with a broad range of Smart City stakeholders. This knowledge will help to ensure that Slovakia can create innovative solutions to urban, regional, and national challenges and create more liveable and attractive cities, while ensure more effective processes in different city services. This will create savings, which can be re-used for more important projects. This is why I am personally looking forward a lot to future cooperation with Peter and his team.“ says Miloslav Jurík, chairman of Smart Cities klub.

Smart City Insights

Smart City Insights (SCI) is an international consultancy that provides advisory services to help cities, regions, government and companies in successfully implementing the smart city concept. It holds more than 10 years of experience with Smart Cities from projects all around the world, besides Scandinavia, e.g. Canada, Australia, Finland, Scotland, Saudi Arabia and France.

Implementation in practice and co-creation are at the core of the services provided. SCI offer a range of support services, from organising the process, expert input, and also support in writing and implementing the strategy. Governance, organisational set-up, intelligent smart city investment and business models are examples of these services.

The consultancy has also unique insights and knowledge of data, data-sharing ecosystems, marketplaces & business opportunities, based on several years of experience in building and running data marketplaces.