Smart Cities Klub has a new partner in Taiwan

Memorandum of understanding between Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA), Taiwan and Slovak Smart Cities Klub was signed by Prof. James Chiao, Chairman of Smart Cities Committee at CIECA and Miloslav Jurík, Chairman of Slovak Smart Cities Klub. By signing the MoU general framework for tangible cooperation of both organizations was set. Mr. Chiao and Mr. Jurík discussed future cooperation between both organizations with focus on knowledge sharing of their members’ experiences and expertise on smart and sustainable solutions for cities and regions, matchmaking with aim to promote Slovak solutions and companies in Taiwan and vice versa and to facilitate their cooperation and research & development collaboration of universities in Taiwan and Slovakia to support the R&D of smart city technologies and applications. First tangible project being currently prepared by both parties together with city Dubnica nad Váhom is Central European Smart Energy Living Lab, part of which will be also the AI Maker Education Center (AIMEC). This project was presented at the Slovak Taiwan Investment and Trade Forum on 21st of October 2021. Both parties already agreed on cooperation at the “Slovakia on the road towards Smart Cities“ conference and other events, which will be organized by Smart Cities Klub in Slovakia together with Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European affairs and other partners. Mr. Chiao and Mr. Jurík also discussed several common project opportunities in Smart Cities Klub member cities in Slovakia, which will be further developed by both parties together with concerned city officials, with focus on support of local innovations and SMEs.