Smart Cities klub starts cooperation with Danish Gate 21

The Danish Gate 21 and Slovak Smart Cities klub signed on the fifth of November 2018 a Memorandum of Cooperation. It was signed by Poul Erik Lauridsen, CEO of Gate 21 on the Danish side and by Miloslav Jurík, chairman of Smart Cities klub for the Slovak side. The top priority of Gate 21, working in Greater Copenhagen area, which includes East of Denmark and South of Sweden, is green technologies. It is not only a matter of implementing and use of these technologies in everyday life, but also of research and development and production for customers. „We will be happy to share the knowledge with Smart Cities klub members, as we strongly believe, that the green transition has to be achieved globally. We feel, that we can learn from each other. We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation,“ said Poul Erik Lauridsen and his Slovak partner Miloslav Jurík added: ,,We are very thankful for the open and supportive approach of Gate 21. We are looking forward to our future common projects, especially the Academy for Smarter Communities and future Summer schools of Smart Cities.“
The Scope of the Memorandum of Cooperation is mostly focused on an exchange of knowledge about Smart Cities topics, trends and projects in both countries. The framework agreement involves cooperation and mutual support of projects of both partners – The Academy for Smarter Communities and DOLL Living lab – projects of Gate 21 and Summer school of Smart Cities – project of Smart Cities klub. Scope of cooperation also involves common development of international projects, bilateral projects between Slovak and Danish cities and other organizations, knowledge-transfer, good practice sharing, education of city staff and other common projects in the field of Smart Cities, adaptation to climate change and the Sustainable development goals.

Gate 21

Gate 21 is a partnership between regions, municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions, that work with the common goal of accelerating the green transition in Greater Copenhagen. For ten years Gate 21 has been driving this agenda in close partnership with more than 40 municipalities, 40 leading companies and high-class researchers trough more than 80 innovation projects within the areas of Digital society, Energy Transition, Mobility, Circular economy, City planning and buildings.

Smart Cities klub

The Smart Cities klub is an original informal platform for sharing experience and collaboration between city leaders and experts in preparing strategies and programs on the road to Smart City. Smart Cities klub was inspired by more than 20 years of cooperation with cities in Slovakia and more than 10 years of cooperation with Scandinavian partners. Our mission is to change Slovak cities not only by using Smart technologies, but mostly by improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.